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Yesterday, seeing my boy @dwightpowell officially signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was one of my proudest moments of my life. Being able to see this young man develop from young age, graduating from Stanford University, and now play in the NBA is something special. In my mind this is what coaching should be about and that’s Being able to see your players move up the ladder and progress in their personal and athletic life. Congratulations young man @dwightpowell #RBTwins #RBTfamily

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My #MiniMe Matteo amongst his uncles @dwightpowell @snastic4 and @darlington22 #RBTfamily

One of our youngsters Liam Courtney had a great opportunity tonight to meet the Family the newest member of The Cavs @dwightpowell and Stanford’s Big Man @snastic4 before our workout. This young man will be big time one day if he continues to work hard. Mark my words. #RBTwins #RBTfamily