TAG two HOOPERS to send them this message. #RBTwins

"Ball On The Strings" was The Theme with my boys @dwightpowell and @ab_5ive and @powerhandz helped us get better. #RBTwins

We are going to practice I don’t know about you. TAG 3 TEAMMATES/FRIENDS TO INVITE them TO GO TO THE GYM to WORKOUT #RBTwins

The Dance Move the took the world by storm “Moon Walk” Happy B-Day to The King of Them All Michael Jackson!!!!

My 5yr old #MiniMe is getting into this basketball thing slowly. No pressure 😜😜😜 TAG a YOUNG hooper that LOVES THIS GAME!!! #RBTwins #RBTmini

Come work #basketball #dribbling (Taken with Cinemagram)

Work on your shooting off the dribble daily. Repetition makes perfect. #RBTwins

As your new season starts you must keep this message in mind. Let’s not forget the beautiful TEAM game that the Spurs displayed this year. TAG 3 or more of your TEAMMATES TO SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH. #RBTwins

TAG a TEAMMATE/FRIEND that is MONEY from the stripe. #RBTwins

TAG your TEAMMATES/HOOPER FRIENDS to send them this message. #RBTwins